CAST Honoured by the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs

Team Coordinator, Ken Lugg, accepts the Star blanket from Chief Ron Evans on behalf of CAST.


CAST was honoured at a special ceremony by the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs on February 22, 2011 for our efforts made in the search for Nathaniel Thorassie. Grand Chief Ron Evans hosted the ceremony.

The ceremony began with a sweetgrass smudge and prayer by tribal elder, Thelma Meade. Her heartfelt words were about the gratitude and love experienced during the long ordeal for the family.

Grand Chief Ron Evans expressed the gratitude his community felt towards the many volunteers and the extraordinary efforts of the dive teams. He recognized that the effort went well beyond what had been expected.

McLaine Flett, Natahniel's mother, thanked the team. Chief Duke Beardy of the Tataskweyak Cree Nation of Split Lake expressed his gratitude on behalf of the family and the community.

Chief Evans presented the team with the gift of a star blanket which was accepted by Ken Lugg on behalf of the entire team. He also presented each member of CAST with a plaque and a special gift box.

The wooden boxes were hand painted with an eagle which represents love and freedom. An eagle was spotted on several occasions over the river where Nathaniel was last seen and has been interpreted as a sign that his spirit is free.

The boxes contained traditional gifts of sweetgrass and tobacco, both of which hold special significance in aboriginal spirituality. 

The ceremony concluded with a lunch hosted by the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs.

The CAST members present were very grateful and felt honoured by this gesture from the community. Our only regret is that our efforts have been unsuccessful so far.

We hope this experience will strengthen our ties to each other.

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